A Momsemble and a Drama Princess

My three-year-old, Eve, has a pretty big personality. She's sweet, funny, confident, silly, and opinionated. But she's also a teeny tiny drama queen. Or perhaps, given her love of Disney movies, a drama princess. Or maybe a mini teenager is a better term.

You may remember that about six months ago, she was in a ballet class. The first week went well but things deteriorated quickly after that. Five minutes into her classes, she would just lie down on the floor and refuse to participate. Then, very dramatically, she would go and sit against a wall with arms crossed and the biggest frown you've ever seen. When this was no longer entertaining, she would start running around the room. I figured that she was doing these things to get attention, so I tried not to respond to her behavior (except if she was really out of control.) When that didn't work I tried calmly and kindly reasoning with her, bribing her with McDonalds, and then threatening to take her home. But that little Eve continued to run around and hang off the ballet barres.

It wasn't long before Eve became a hyperactive Pied Piper of sorts, with the other kids chasing after her and attempting to climb the things she climbed. That was when I decided it was time to give up. It was okay when her behavior was only driving me crazy, but not when it was affecting everyone else. I chalked the failure up to immaturity and decided to try again when she was older. Or perhaps when I was a more capable mother... I'm still holding out hope for an adult/mother metamorphosis at some point.

The one thing Eve did enjoy was the tumbling at the end of class. So when I came across a groupon for gymnastics classes, I thought it was worth a try. She was six months older and since six months is a sixth of her life, I figured that that had to mean a significant increase in maturity. Unfortunately children don't work that way.

Eve did well for her first few classes. There were only three to six girls in a class and she enjoyed the amount of one-on-one attention from her instructors she received. But now there are ten to twelve girls present every week and Eve is pulling out her old attention-seeking tricks. Such as lying on the floor and pouting with her arms crossed. But that six months has apparently brought about some changes. She now knows how to employ the arts of crying, complaining of hunger, and insisting she has to go potty.

And I am once again in the awkward position of not knowing how to handle her. And never-ending list of questions runs through my mind as I watch her dramatic performance.
Do I go over to her and tell her to participate or will my added attention only worsen the problem? Do I let the burden of discipline fall upon the shoulders of her instructors? 
Do I take her home when she's not participating? 
Is the fact that I have the worst behaved child in the class a reflection on my parenting skills? 
Do I give her too much attention at home?
Do I not give her enough attention?
Do I not discipline her enough?
Did the mix of my DNA and my husband's DNA result in the creation of a monster?

I don't know, but I wish I could find a book called, "How to Deal with Your Child Named Eve When She's Being a Little Punk in Her Gymnastics Class." So somebody, please get writing. 


  1. I love the color of your top! And those lace up flats are fab!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  2. "Did the mix of my DNA and my husband's DNA result in the creation of a monster?" hahahahaha I'm sorry, but this has me ROLLING! I am lucky that we're not there yet. Mine is two, and overall pretty chill. Of course, she has her moments, her tantrums, where I literally have to leave the room because she's crying because I put a pink block next to an orange block. lol I think you're doing all the right things. You're doing the best you can and if people have a problem with Eve acting like, well, Eve, whatever. lol She's three. Like you said, she has a big personality. Someday that big personality could be a senator or something. (;

  3. Hahah she sounds like a handful, that Eve! But a super cute one. Both girls are adorable. Also l love the different shades of purple in your outfit!


  4. Those shoes, though! And Eve!! What a sweet chica!! She can get away with having a big personality when she's that cute!!

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

  5. Hahahahaa, 3-year old girls are so sassy and fun aren't they? Mine is a little monster too, but she can also be the sweetest and a bundle of fun. Love your momsemble. Simple but so chic. Great patterned laceup flats and I love lavender on you, Sierra.

    I recently started a linkup so join me this Thursday and every Thursday. The new linkup is currently live. This outfit is too good not to be shared. Thanks, Ada. =)


    Have a great weekend!

  6. Haha I would love to read the book that comes out with that title. Maybe you will be the one to write it as you figure out the balance or reasons why Eve is being a "punk" in classes. Cute read Sierra. You and the girls look lovely in this mother daughter post.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo


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