Flared Jeans: Givers of Curves

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I love flared jeans. A lot. The only thing preventing me from running out and buying a billion of them is that they necessitate the wearing of heels. And while I love wearing heels, it's just not always practical. For example, parks with vast expanse of grass and heels don't go very well together. And wearing them to the grocery store often feels like a waste. However, block heeled shoes are lot more comfortable than your average pumps so I do find more excuses to wear them.

Anyway, back to denim. While skinny jeans awesome, especially during boot weather, they aren't necessarily the most flattering on everyone. However, when it comes to flared jeans, I'm pretty sure a good, dark wash pair of flares looks great on anyone. I can't think of anything out there that is more leg-lengthening. They add curves to the curve impaired and balance out the curves of the curvy.

Now I just have to decide whether I'm ready to embrace cropped flare jeans...

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Wait, they do? {Necessitate wearing heals, I mean??} I've worn flares with flats and love them! You should try it! I mean, they touch the floor a bit but they are just as chic and fun! Hahha am I crazy? Now I think I'm crazy! Lol

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

  2. I love my flare jeans too because I'm top heavy they balance me out. But lately I haven't been seeing them around online or at my favorite retailers. I'm afraid they might be phasing them out for the wide-leg style. Ugh!


  3. I love the flares but I totally know what you mean about the heels. These looks so good on you! And I'm loving this hair!


  4. I try to stay away from flared jeans. Not because they don't look fab, but because I suffer from insanely short legs so flares mean hemming. Hemming means sewing and sewing means.... well, time? haha Cropped flares? Hmmm Can't say I'm against it? I'd have to see a look. Might be an answer to short heel phobic gals like me. lol

  5. these look amazing on you! The fit is just spot on. Whenever I try on flared jeans, I think my legs look funny. You've inspired me to give them a second chance


  6. I haven't embraced cropped flares either but I love regular flared denim. You always rock a turtleneck too, Sierra. =)

    Would love for you to linkup with Thursday Moda (below). Thank you and enjoy the weekend!


    Ada. =)

  7. Love your flared jeans! So comfy look!


  8. Love this look! It's so simple yet so chic. Thanks for linking up with me.


  9. These jeans look amazing on you! I bought a pair of crop flares and they look great with heels but not so much with flats for my short height.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  10. You are rockin' the kick flared jeans ! If anyone can get me out of my beloved skinnies it's you.....I love the idea of styling the kick flare with the granny-style shoes that are around at the moment! Inspired! xx


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