Choker Necklaces: Neck Embracers or Gentle Stranglers?

Lately I've found that I rarely wear the same type of "bottom-half wear" two days in a row. I find myself alternating between jeans, capris, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Maybe it's because I am unable to layer without giving myself heat stroke that I feel the need to mix things up. In warm weather I also find myself wanting to wear the most comfortable clothes possible which is why I love wearing dresses like this. The soft, stretchy knit is definitely my jam.

And is anyone else loving choker necklaces? Given you do have to adjust to the feeling of being lightly strangled. Hey, but I did that with turtlenecks so chokers were no big deal. My love for these neck embracers has been slowly growing since last spring when I made myself a braided beaded choker while recovering from wisdom teeth removal. Fact about me: I struggle to sit around and be unproductive for too long. In this case it meant that I resorted to making jewelry. And in case you're somewhat interested, here's a somewhat unclear pic of the final result.

I hope you all have an amazing and refreshing weekend!

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  1. I haven't quite warmed up to chokers, but my jewelry style is about as plain Jane as they come! haha It looks super cute on you though! Hope you're keeping cool! (;

  2. Oh Sierra, I'm not a fan of chokers but they look amazing on you. Love how you styled them! And the maxi dress is gorgeous too!


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  3. I'm LOVING chokers right now! And this one on you is sooo good! Can't believe you made it yourself!

  4. I never liked the choker necklaces before. In fact, I used to dislike those extreamly.But after seeing these collection and Velvet Rhinestone Choker by stride with style my preference has changed. It's too stylish and fashionable.


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