Momsemble Monday: Culottes

My desire to find modest warm weather "bottom-half wear" has led me to culottes. My first instinct was to pair them with a pair of black strappy heels, like these. However, since heels aren't always practical footwear for a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to style them in a more casual way. So I went for a pair of fun sandals and a comfortable button down. I might even trying upping the degree of casualness with a basic tee and white sneakers.

Now, since it's Momsemble Monday, I thought I'd share a couple of things about my girls:
- Whenever we're at home, Eve wears a swimsuit. I can't really blame her because she has five different ones (thanks to my mum) and they're all extremely cute
- Lily is experiencing a violent streak. She'll hit Eve on the head with an object and laugh. She also likes to claw my face and then laugh. Hopefully she grows out of this phase quickly. Or she's just evil...
- When Eve is telling you something she thinks is very important, she'll open up her eyes as wide as they can go. I guess in her mind, seriousness is correlated with eye diameter.
- We took the girls to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. I thought Lily wouldn't be old enough to really appreciate it but she loved it! She would point to all the animals and say, "Meow!" Might be time to work on animal sounds a little more...

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  1. My son also is going through the same violent phase. Luckily his sibling is still in utero so she's missing out on it but our poor dog is taking the brunt of this phase! Also, my son also can only say meow. When I ask him what a dog says he says "Beau" which is our dog's maybe that can count?

  2. We have days where the violent phase kicks in. It's not fun, I usually get bit, but you're not alone mama! I love how you styled these! Even more so, I love that you focus on modesty. I feel like I'm at an age where if I see someone else my age in booty shorts and low cut tops, I am soooo embarrassed for them!

  3. Loving the way you styled your culottes, definitely giving me some inspiration! Love the choker as well!


  4. Ok I am obsessed with these culottes! It is so hard to find cute modest bottoms, so I need these. Also, Beau is totally on a violent streak too and I'm really hoping it's just a phase. #yikes

  5. Such a great pair of culottes.
    I love the color and how they hit right on the knee which makes them much more versatile-
    Happy 4th!


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