Letters to Violet: Five Months

Dear Violet,

Sitting here and thinking about you makes my heart feel so happy and full. You are just the sweetest and most beautiful little baby. I adore the way you give us these giant, eye crinkling smiles and immediately turn your head away into whoever is holding you. I don't know whether it's because you're happy feelings overwhelm you or because you feel bashful but it's adorable either way.

I have to mention your hair because it is by far, the thing that gets mentioned the most about you. You have gorgeous thick, long, curly dark hair. People tend to assume you're older than you are because you are tall and have so much more hair than most babies! You've been able to have pigtails and clips in your hair since you were three months old. I always compare you to snow white because of your pale skin, blue eyes, and dark air. You are just the most beautiful baby!

You absolutely love your sisters and they love you. Eve will light up when she first sees you in the morning and immediately comes over to you to say, "Hey! Hey, girlie! Hey!" in her squeakiest baby voice. You always respond with a big smile. Whenever I'm trying to finish something and you start to fuss, I'll ask Eve to sit with you and it almost always cheers you up. You also greet Lily with a big smile but she doesn't interact with you quite as much as Eve. When she does it's very cute though. You always make her laugh just with your little baby movements. She calls you "Baby Biolet" and always tells you that you're cute.

Tickling you almost always causes you to giggle or grunt but getting you to laugh without tickles is a bigger challenge. Eve has a much easier time with it, though. She'll make a silly face or noise and you'll let out the sweetest little giggle. You're most ticklish just below your neck.

At your four month doctor's appointment you were measuring in the 80th percentile for height and the 40th percentile for weight. I am so happy with those numbers! Eve was in the 3rd percentile for weight as a baby and it was always so stressful! I'm glad that I don't have to worry as much about your growth.

You have done a lot of traveling in your brief life! You've been to California (including Disneyland!), Las Vegas (twice!), St. George, and Oklahoma. You've been to as many states in the US as I have!

You went through a rough patch for the first three months of your life where you would be really sad after 8 pm. We could only keep you happy if we walked you around and around. Sometimes even that wasn't enough. You wouldn't go down for the night until after midnight. But now you only rarely stay up that late. Sometimes you still get fussy at night but most of the time you are a very content baby.

You're great at sleeping through the night! Most of the time you will sleep eight hours without interruption at night. And I'm super grateful for that because I'm not great at dealing with sleep deprivation.

We are so happy you joined our family! You're sweet, smiling face brings us so much happiness! We love you Violet!



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