Beauty Steals- Too Faced, Urban Decay, pmd, and More!

It's been a hot minute since I bought an eyeshadow palette. Mainly because I own a bajillion or two. But I've had an itch to switch things up so this morning I started looking for something new. I happened across some pretty great deals that are part of the Macy's Black Friday in July sale. If you love high end palettes but hate to drop $50 on one, these are the deals for you. Oh, and did I mention free shipping! Yay!

$27 (marked down from $54)
Everyone needs a good set of mattes. Since most of us don't need to be in full glam on a daily basis, mattes are a great everyday option.

$24.50 (marked down from $49)
I've wanted a Too Faced chocolate palette for so long! The fact that they smell like chocolate is a big selling point!

$18.20 (marked down from $26)
Here's an even more budget friendly matte option!

$29 (marked down from $45)
Because owning 20,000 lipsticks in never enough! Never, never!
$29 (marked down from $42)
Because mermaid. Need I say more?

$119.25 (marked down from $159)
Everyone raves about these things and now is a good chance to get one and see for yourself! They help with wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores!


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