Forever 21 Finds

Forever 21's website is... interesting. There is an overwhelming number of items on there and a lot of them are just low quality and/or trashy. However, some of my absolute favorite pieces are from there. If you sift through the junk enough you can find some really interesting statement items and lots of things that fit current trends. Forever 21 is the perfect place to pick up something trendy (that will likely be out of style after a couple of years) at a low price.

Fortunately for you, I have done you a solid and curated some pieces from Forever 21 that are worth your time (and have good reviews.)

1. Sweater midi dress- I own this dress in black and it's amazing. Perfect length and comfortably stretchy.

2. Puff sleeve top- I love simple statement tops like this one. It will catch people's eye but will still be easy to style.

3. Neon midi skirt- I'm just obsessed with the color of this skirt.

4. Button-down jumpsuit- I like the idea of jumpsuits like these. It's almost like wearing onesie pajamas all day long with zero judgement from anyone who sees you.

5. Satin leopard print skirt- Two things I've been loving right now are satin skirts and leopard print. This skirt is a combination of the two so it's definitely a win!

6. Leopard scarf- I don't think I even need to explain why this is a must have.

7. Pussycat bow shirt- This type of shirt fun to dress down with leather pants or a leather skirt. Adds a little bit of edge to this ultra-feminine piece and looks so good.

8. Heart sunglasses- With Valentine's Day on the horizon, now is the perfect time to buy these!


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