10 Easy Chalk Activities for Kids

I'm finding that I need to be more creative with entertaining the kids this summer thanks to our unwelcome friend 'Rona. While many items for summer activities are sold out, chalk is not one of them! Here are some low cost but high fun things to do with chalk:

1. Create fun scenes that your kids can lie on and you can photograph. I absolutely love the fairy pictures I took of my kids! Pinterest can provide a lot of inspiration for this. For larger designs, I recommend using chalk paint. You can make your own really easily by mixing equal parts of corn starch with water and then adding food coloring!

Such a cute idea for a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. Great for Disney fans & Peter Pan fans alike! #artideas
source: @capn_awesome77

2. Create roads and towns for toy cars or draw them at a larger scale for your kids to ride their bikes or scooters on.

Source: The Iowa Farmer's Wife

3. One of my favorite ways to practice letter or word recognition with my kids is outside with chalk. You can draw shapes with a letter or word inside, then call out a letter or word and have your child hop on it, squirt it with a squirt gun, throw a wet sponge onto it, or anything else you can think of!

Sidewalk Chalk Ideas For Kids | Fun learning games and activities for summer

4. Hopscotch, but make it art.
At Sunglass Hut's summer block party in Miami, family-friendly games included corn hole, bocce ball, ping-pong, and hopscotch.

5. Create a giant snakes and ladders game
Giant snakes & ladders game : sidewalk chalk

6. Or create your own game. You can get your kids active by putting actions to be performed in the squares.
source: yoobi

7. Draw your child's outline and let them fill them in however they'd like!

8. Use painters tape to create a cool geometric pattern!
Source: The Idea Room

9. Create a fun, colorful design to brighten peoples' day!
SIdewalk Chalk

10. Buy or create your own spray chalk paint! My kids love spray bottles so I know this would be a hit for us!
Keep kids busy with this easy to make spray chalk perfect for summer! #spraychalkpaint #homemadechalk #sidewalkchalk #chalkartideas #growingajeweledrose #activitiesforkids


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