Galaxy Halloween Costume

Given that we're not quite sure what Halloween is going to look like this year, it may be hard to invest a lot of energy or money into a costume. That's why I decided to brainstorm some different low budget but big impact looks. The first one I put together is this galaxy look. It cost me less than $20 for the dress and about $8 for the lipstick. Everything else I had on hand. 

The makeup may seem intimidating but it's really not too difficult. You just blend blue, purple, and pink colors in whatever way you'd like. I give a breakdown of how I did it below.


This $20 dress from Amazon (I think it would be really cute with a black tulle skirt under it too)

Silver or holographic heels


FACE: I started with a base of dark face paint. I applied a shimmery fuchsia eye shadow along the border of the face paint. Then I applied a shimmery purple eye shadow just inside of the border of the dark area and in small patches throughout the dark area. I applied blue shimmery eyeshadow in large areas throughout the black and a little bit of turquoise in a couple of patches. On top of all this I used a white liquid eye liner to make small dots and a couple of lines that looked like stars. I tried to do this as randomly as I could. 

EYES: I used a silver eye shadow, along with a little purple and blue shadow in the outer corners. I did a wing with black liquid liner and used magnetic lashes from Mink Lash Love.

LIPS: On my lips, I used NYX Glitter Goals in Oil Spill.


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